The fastest growing area of our business is app development for cloud based applications and porting for iOS and Android. If you are an IP owner and require project management, development and / or publishing services for app projects, we can help. If you are a developer with the proven capability to produce great work fast, please contact us any time. Read more

The Cube

Broadcasters have been searching for “the next Millionaire” for years and after many false starts, it has happened.  The Cube is a physical game-show that provides compelling family viewing, series after series.  It’s appeal and audience figures continue to grow, as does its expansion into new overseas markets such as Italy, Spain, Australia and the [...]

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3D Mini Golf App

First released on iOS, then ported to Android, 3D Mini Golf Challenge was sold exclusively by our client Digital Chocolate on Amazon’s US app store. It is now widely available on portals such as Google Play and Xperia Gamer. A beautifully simple and intuitive touch interface allows players to test their mini golf skills and [...]

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Apps on Kindle E-Readers

LINGO - This ground breaking title continues Route 1’s tradition of encouraging hardware devices to do much more than they were originally designed for.  The game was developed for black and white e-reader devices and offers Kindle users something to play when they fancy a break from reading. On sale exclusively in the US through’s [...]

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